About me

My name is Johanna Larsson and I’m a software developer with an obsession for programming languages. This has led me to spend quite some time trying a lot of them out. The way I see it is that each one widens your understanding by showing a problem and solution from a slightly different perspective. Some of the ones that have had the strongest impact on me are Haskell, Clojure, Python, as well as books such as The Little Schemer.

This blog features everything from opinionated articles on development practices to basic write ups of small time projects in whatever technologies I got worked up about at the moment. There is often a serious lack of material on the step just between learning a language and being able to build advanced applications in it, and that’s one of the areas I’ll be aiming for in my posts. The source code for this site is available for reference on github.

Feel free to contact me at johanna@variadic.me. I enjoy emails. And cats.